UK election: Tories confident they can break through Labour’s ‘red wall’

This is one of the key spots to watch for in the election tomorrow

The Financial Times is out with a report suggesting that the Tories are feeling confident in executing their election strategy by breaking down Labour’s ‘red wall’.

The report (may be gated) highlights sentiment on the ground in marginal constituencies in the North East and it details that the resolve of people to vote against Corbyn has hardened going into the election tomorrow.
I talked a bit about the ‘red wall’ in my election primer earlier in the week here. In essence, these are constituencies in the north and the Midlands in which the Tories are looking to “steal” to secure a majority government tomorrow.

I highlighted the seats mentioned in the report above and here’s the breakdown:

UK election2017 general election results in the North East

Generally, when viewing the ‘red wall’, these are seats that you’d expect Labour to comfortably keep. As such, when they report tomorrow, keep an eye on these places especially the likes of Bishop Auckland, Darlington, and Stockton South i.e. the marginals.

They can go some way in revealing sentiment on the ground in the election this year and if we do see a stronger Tory presence, it could allude to higher odds of a victory for Boris Johnson once this is all said and done.

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