Video shows Hong Kong police officer shooting protester

What keeps the Hong Kong protests going?

Tensions in Hong Kong continued to escalate Monday morning as at least one pro-democracy protester was shot by a police officer. Video of the shooting was streamed live on Facebook.

The video shows two masked protesters in the Sai Wan Ho neighborhood of Hong Kong confronting a police officer during an early morning protest designed to disrupt rush hour traffic. It’s unclear what exactly prompted the scuffle, but the officer quickly drew his gun and shoved it into the chest of one of the protesters while grabbing him with his free arm. The second protester approached the struggle and the cop appeared to shoot him somewhere in the torso.

The protester quickly fell to the ground. The officer fired two more shots and the other protester was also brought to the ground, but it is unclear if he was hit. Both protesters were then handcuffed and taken to the hospital. They were alive and conscious when they arrived, according to CNBC.

Hong Kong protests
A still image from a social media video shows a police officer aiming his gun at a protester in Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong, China, on Monday, November 11, 2019. Cupid Producer via Reuters

The Hong Kong government said in a new release that police had been responding to reports of vandalism and disruptions to traffic prior to the incident.

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“During police operations, one police has discharged his service revolver, one male was shot,” according to the release. They denied online rumors that officers had been ordered to “recklessly use their firearms,” slamming the allegation as “totally false and malicious.”

Monday’s clash came on the heels of the death of a 22-year-old student, who had fallen from a parking garage during an earlier protest, on Friday and the arrest of several pro-democracy lawmakers over the weekend. Hong Kong has seen a steady and increasingly violent stream of protests throughout the year.

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CHP officer killed and 2 wounded in shootout near L.A.-area freeway

Riverside, Calif. – One officer is dead, another in critical condition and a third has minor injuries after a shootout Monday that also killed the gunman, authorities said. Dozens of gunshots were fired near Interstate 215 in Riverside, east of Los Angeles.

CHP Assistant Chief Scott Parker told reporters at a Monday night news conference an officer who pulled over a white GMC pickup truck was filling out impound paperwork when the driver pulled a rifle of unknown caliber from the truck and began firing.

The officer was wounded but managed to call for help. He was airlifted to a hospital but succumbed to his wounds.

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Authorities said CHP officers, Riverside police and sheriff’s deputies arrived and continued trading gunfire, with the suspect taking cover in the front of the pickup. Two other CHP officers were hit before the gunman was killed.

Officers in shootout near Riverside, Calif. freeway on August 12, 2019 CBS Los Angeles

Police withheld the shooter’s name and said they don’t have a motive for the attack. It wasn’t clear why the car was stopped.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom extended his condolences via Twitter:

Riverside Police Chief Sergio Diaz told reporters officers’ body cam video and civilian eyewitness accounts would be part of the investigation of the shooting. “It was a long and horrific gun battle,” he said.

Video from the scene shows bullet holes in the front windows of two patrol cars and large holes blown in their back windows. What appeared to be an assault-style rifle was on the ground.

Two civilians were hurt – one was in another car and hit by flying glass that caused minor injuries, authorities said. The other civilian’s injuries also were minor.

Jennifer Moctezuma, 31, of Moreno Valley told the Los Angeles Times that she was driving home with her 6-year-old twins when a bullet flew through her front windshield.

Charles Childress, 56, a retired Marine from Moreno Valley, was in the car behind her.

He led the family as they crawled to the bottom of a bridge to hide and none were harmed, the Times reported.

“He’s my hero,” Moctezuma said.

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